On October3, 2012 a number of sportsmen's groups under the auspices of the Maryland SPortsmen's Foundation- formally requested the Governor to support SMI through a general fund appropriation.  A three-fold rationale was given:

  1. annual general fund support for DNR's Fisheries Serivce and WIdlife & Heritage Service has declined annually since the economic recession of hte early 1990's and today amounts to approximately 3% of their total budget, respectively
  2. revenues from hunting and fishing licenses (special funds) make up the difference and sales have declined to the detriment of resourcee management and research
  3. a potentially lucrative, untapped market currently exists for targeting sportsmen across America to fish and hunt in Maryland because studies show the average sportsmen spends in excess of $2,0000 annually and every dollar spent on marketing in Maryland in 2011 generated a return of $220 in incremental spending.

Maryland could become a national Leader in promoting its standing as a world class sportsmen's destination, thus benefiting from attendant visitor spending

Sportsmen's Marketing Initiative

Promoting Maryland's Hunting and FIshing

The SPORTSMEN'S MARKETING INITIATIVE (SMI) represents a unique private/public partnership between the non-partisan Maryland Sporsmen's Foundation (MSF), Maryland's Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) and the tourism industry to promote Maryland as a premiere destination to fish and hunt.  The goal is to increase the economic impact of fishing and hunting through a cohesive, sustainable product development and marketing not only to Maryland's 445,000 sportsmen who spent $815 million in 2011, but also to America's 37.4 million sportsmen who spent $90 billion in 2011.

SMI is a “First” for the State of Maryland.  MSF will administer the public funds allocated to this initiative via the State’s fiscal year 2014 budget.  A final report is due to DBED no later than June 30, 2015 consistent with the MARKETING GRANT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) and the attendant SCOPE OF WORK (“SOW”) entered into between MSF and DBED on December 13, 2013.

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