Trolling for striped bass on the Chesapeake Bay- we call them rockfish here in Maryland, our State Fish- when suddenly a fifty pounder slams into your umbrella rig and you swear your Ugly Stick is about to break at any moment


Setting up at dawn in anticipation of a flock of Canada geese, snow geese or canvasback ducks coming in with wings cupped for a heart-pounding wing shot


Hearing the ever-so subtle rustling of leaves on the forest floor then spotting a 12-point buck coming your way as your body struggles to keep from shaking to pieces


Just cruising on the thousands of miles of rivers, creeks, marshes, streams and open water and observing the sights and sounds of nature as the sun rises and sets


When the English Captain John Smith first discovered the Chesapeake Bay in 1608 he stated that "heaven and earth never agreed better to frame a habitat for mankind." Over 400 years later, Captain Smith's observation still holds true for the sportsman, albeit the bag limits have changed somewhat

Sportsmen's Marketing Initiative


Maryland sportsmen and women spent $815 million in 2011

- To conserve, promote and protect Maryland's lands, wildlife and wildlife habitat for the future enjoyment of all citizens

- To ensure sportsmen in Maryland have reasonable access to public lands and water to enjoy outdoor pursuits
- To protect the sportsmen's investment in wildlife and fisheries management by safeguarding the integrity of user-fee trust funds such as the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration and the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act

-To provide Sportsmen and Related Outreach and Education

-To convene people, organizations, associations and agencies to further the Sportsmen's Foundation mission

-To support efforts to enhance multiple use habitat management for wildlife and fisheries, and the sustainable use of renewable wildlife and marine resources under professional and scientific management

-To recognize and promote the importance of fishing, hunting, trapping and other outodoor activities to our State and the National economy
-To support the maintenance and growth of outdoor-related industries and activities

  • Welcome, sportsmen, to the State of Maryland, home of the world renowned Chesapeake Bay with its thousands of miles of rivers, creeks, marshes, streams and open water. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, boating or pursuing other outdoor activities, sportsmen agree Memories are Made in Maryland, the Land of Pleasant Living

    And it is the responsibility of the Maryland Sportsmen’s Foundation – a small group of Maryland sportsmen dedicated to upholding our traditional rights to hunt, fish and trap – to work with the
    Maryland Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus – like-minded elected Senators and Delegates – in promoting State policies that protect these cherished rights. Whether its securing Sunday hunting opportunities for the first time in 280 years, conserving pristine open space land for public hunting, or funding Maryland’s Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry Program through sportsmen’s license fees, the Foundation and the Caucus work hand in hand in helping to keep Maryland the paradise for sportsmen that Captain Smith first observed almost 400 years ago.


That is more than the receipts for broilers, the state's top agricultural commodity that year ($815 m vs. $725m)

There has been a delay in changes to Sunday hunting in counties in Western Maryland

Sportsmen's Marketing Initiative is a unique partnership between MSF and DBED